Professional disinfection device designed for retail

UV Box 1 is a breakthrough device designed specifically for retail and optical shops. It provides you with comfort, ease of use and safety for you and your Client. 

Designed and manufactured in the EU. Made of highest quality European components. 

The quality assured by PZH (Polish Hygiene Association) Certificate. 

Made and designed by luxam – experts in lighting

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and shop. UV Box 1 brings the safety back.



Designed for retail

No need for aggressive detergents

Doesn't damage disinfected goods

Manufactured in the EU


Thoroughly tested

Highest quality Philips UVC light source

In Luxam we believe that:

1. You can’t have a pleasant shopping experience if you feel unsafe with touching the things you like.

2. Your customer won’t have an optimal shopping experience unless you provide him or her with a feeling of safety and comfort. 

UV Box solves those issues for you!

Thanks to our original disinfection process of (e.g. glasses) you can guarantee that the goods that your client have contact with have been thoroughly cleaned and arę 100% safe.

best components and great design

How does UV Box 1 work?


The optimal disinfection process is guaranteed by two, powerful, 11W UVC Philips lamps. 


The UVC power generated by our lamps is far more superior than the one offered by UVC LED lamps that are used in most of currently marketed UVC based disinfection devices.


Disinfection with UVC rays has been successfully used in many areas, like medical and beauty.


UVC light kills germs and viruses as it disintegrates their DNA and RNA. our process has been designed to eradicate more than 30 most commonly feared germs and viruses including Sars-Cov-2. 

All of the object that are exposed to our disinfection process in UV Box 1 are 99,99% clean and safe after 90 seconds. All you have to do is to make sure that the light from two specialized Philips lamps is not obstructed and operates on the whole area of the object. 


Po więcej informacji odsyłamy na stronę Philips, gdzie wytłumaczony jest sposób działania używanych przez nas świetlówek (

Power of used light source: 2 x 11W


the process takes only 90 seconds

efficiency: over 99%

your safety: priceless

We know our light

In Luxam we have years of experience in design and manufacturing of lighting equipment for such a high-tech industry as mining. 

In previous years we have developed a line of specialized lamps designed for most demanding operation. 

In the times of Covid-19 Pandenic we have dedicated ourselves to provide our customers with a solution to ensure safety and comfort for people who want to protect themselves from dangers of touching contaminated objects.  

Give your clients goods that are guaranteed to be clean and safe and you will also provide them with an optimal shopping experience





Made by LUXAM – the lightning experts

Original disinfection process with UV Box 1



Your customer points at the things he or she likes


You place the goods on our special tray and place the tray with the goods into the UV Box 1


The goods and the tray itself are being disinfected within the 90s process


After the process you remove the tray from UV Box 1and place it in front of your customer


The customer is free to pick disinfected items from the tray - 100% Safe!

It’s worth knowing:

Our process has been designed with the support of optical and retail experts.

We are certain that UV Box 1 is currently state of the art solution to provide safety in retail and optical business.

If you want to share one UV Box 1 device with your colleagues, simply purchase an additional UV Box 1 Tray

UV Box 1 has been tested safe for eyewear protective varnishes and materials.

Przetestowaliśmy działanie procesu dezynfekcji na oprawy oraz szkła demo. 

Oprawy naświetlane bez przerwy przez ponad 4h nie wykazały żadnych oznak uszkodzeń. Jest to ekwiwalent 160 pełnych cykli dezynfekcyjnych. 

W najbliższym czasie opublikujemy wyniki wraz z wysokiej jakości zdjęciami. 



UV Box 1

You can have your breakthrough UV Box 1 that will change the way you serve your Customers during the Covid-19 pandemic and after that!

Get yours now! Due to high demand the stock is currently low.

Shipped within 48 hours!


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Eur 335.00


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